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The Commission on Accreditation of Pastoral and Psychotherapy (CAPPT) is a specialized body that accredits post-graduate training in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training (CPE/T) and Pastoral Psychotherapy training programs in the United States as well as internationally.

George Hankins-Hull, Dip.Th., Th.M.

George Hankins Hull is the Director of Pastoral Care and Clinical Pastoral Education Training programs at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Little Rock, Arkansas.  

He is a CPSP Diplomate in Clinical Pastoral Supervision and a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain.  George earned his Dip.Th. from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland and a Th.M. from the New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  

George has served as the CPSP Associate General Secretary 2009-2013 and as the CPSP Plenary Secretary 2000-2013.

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the midst of political unrest and sectarian violence, George relates that he is unapologetically ecumenical.  In light of that, George served as President of CAIRDEAS, a community group committed to peace and reconciliation within the Irish context. 

In 2001, as the Coordinator of Pastoral Care at LRGH Healthcare, George developed and coordinated a respite program for first responders of September 11, a community wide effort that involved fire departments, police departments, civic groups, and the business community.  The Laconia Citizen, a local newspaper, related at the time, “George Hankins-Hull who had grown up experiencing heartbreak and pain in Northern Ireland came up with the idea of offering New York first responders a chance to visit the Lakes Region to enjoy much needed respite and the chance to reconnect with their families.”   The newspaper went on to say, “Hankins-Hull gathered the movers and shakers of the community and spearheaded efforts to collect money and in-kind donations.  George Hankins Hull . . . not only serves the medical center (as clinical chaplain) but also serves the community.” 

In 2014, George represented the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy at a meeting hosted by HealthCare Chaplaincy in New York which brought together leaders in professional chaplaincy in a broadening conversation to expand the reach of professional chaplaincy to serve more people in need of spiritual care.  In the Associated Press news release, Hankins-Hull was quoted, “As important as the discussion was the sincerity, and an overall feeling of collegiality that suggests to me that we might accomplish more working together through face to face relationships as we seek to advance the profession of clinical chaplaincy.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to represent CPSP, as together our organizations strive to secure the best possible professional future for those we train, certify and credential.”